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Cyrel Nicolas

iPhone or Samsung: Which is which?

3 min read

Since iPhone already launched its newest model, which is iPhone 6s, many wonders on how it rival company, Samsung will compete for it.  Most likely, when you   scrolling down on a certain buy and sell website, your eyes might even caught by either iPhones or Samsung smartphones.  They are   the two biggest rivalries among smartphone manufacturers right now in the market.

But if we will go back during 2007, it is the iPhone which caused the explosion of smartphone and only Samsung went after it.  Aside from that, most people refer iPhone as a high-end smartphone while Samsung serves only as its alternative.   But let us not jump into conclusion rather we should analyse it deeper. Here are some analysis on which is better when it comes on:

Performance and Build

You might be wondering on which smartphone is better or faster according on their synthetic benchmarks.   But that question is still unknown these days since each iPhone is extraordinary fast, which is also true with any Samsung handset but except for one thing. Samsung is a little bit laggy at times.   However, you will still get what you’ve pay for. And the question on which is one is faster don’t matter at all.  Just pay good for a Samsung or an iPhone and you will definitely get an excellent performance.

Meanwhile, build is another thing. IPhone is really beautiful but if you want something robust, Samsung is much better. With iPhone, you still need to purchase aluminium case, but with Samsung smartphones, they are basically made of plastic. Though this is not as shiny as iPhones, but it could fit perfectly on your pocket better than the latter.

Availability and Variety

It seems that in terms of variety, Samsung grabs the spotlight. Its recent product ranges from 3.5 inches with Fame up to 5.5 inches with Galaxy Note 4. Not to mention that it also offer special kind of device like Galaxy K Zoom. 

On the other hand, though Apple just limits the product range, this doesn’t mean that they are out of the scene. This is mainly because they opt to sell excellent and exclusive high end type of smartphones in the market. It simply implies that user have the assurance that they will receive unforgettable experience once they invest for iPhone. Thus, you can say that Samsung is after the volume and variety while iPhone choose focusing on its high end margin. However, both of them is available on the leading buy and sell websites in the Philippines such as

In addition to this, Samsung smartphones opens up more opportunities on customization and availability while iPhone locked down itself yet provide curated experience.

Final Thoughts

The final verdict still lies on you.  If it is just your first time to buy your smartphone and never ever owned before either a Samsung or iPhone, probably, you are looking for the best brands.  Take note that for cheaper mobile market, choose Samsung. But if you want to go with the latest craze, and then be ready to spend hundreds of dollars for iPhone 6s. 

Cyrel Nicolas

Where Should I Sell My Used Cars?

3 min read

Each year there are lots of people who trade in for their used cars once they purchased their new ones. And I am one of those individuals who just want to get rid of my pre-loved car but then I don’t know the right place to go so I could sell them.  I inherited a cool 2003 SUV from my father when he died. Since he is not fond of driving that, much, this car had only 80,000 miles registered on its odometer as soon as I acquired its ownership.  Then, I just learned that my son started to drive this old and pretty beaten up car. Well, I can’t blame you if you will imagine that there are already scratches and dents when they are trying to do parallel parking practice. 

But the thing here is that we are not anymore covered by a comprehensive insurance. It means that if there’s a need for replacement, I have to use my own money. I just realize then that all the necessary repairs for that car are now more than on its actual worth.

Having the new purchased car from a buy and sell website in the Philippines, I think this is the perfect time for me to hand it over to its new owner. Thus, I search for best possible place to sell it and guess what I found. Here they are as follows:

Dealer/Trade-In sale

If you want to sell your used cars quickly and easily, dealer or trade-in sale is the best option. When a particular dealer is wise enough to sell you with new car, then there’s a chance that he could give good offer for your used cars. On the other hand, if you want to get significant discounts with your new one, then he may hesitate to offer you the best possible price for the old one. Therefore, you have to be sure the actual worth of your car prior offering it on any free buy and sell website in the Philippines.

Online Auction

This method is easy and quick also, but the risk here is too high when you will sell you used cars.   Buy and sell websites can be helpful if you aware on how to do it properly.

Private sale

Definitely, you could be rewarded by your used cars through selling it on private sites. But then, it could too much time. You have to allot time on taking up phone calls, meeting prospective buyers as well as test driving. Aside from that, advertising is too expensive especially if your used cars consumes too much time before it sell.

Online companies buying Used cars

If the above mentioned methods didn’t work, then, it would best if you will sell them to professional online buyers. But you must not expect that you could get the best possible price for it.

Selling your cars is just like selling other stuffs such as iPhone or house and lot. Never let anyone fool you. 

Cyrel Nicolas

Still Want an iPhone 5? Here's Where To Buy One

3 min read

You are looking for a reliable place to buy iPhone 5, right? Well, you are on the right place. IPhone 5 cellphones are still on great sale and you can streamline not only your time but also your expenses in buying. How? All it takes is to buy from a trusted buy and sell website Philippines. But the next question is, “which buy and sell online portal should I choose”? 

Break free from hair-yanking hassles because is a trusted free buy and sell online Philippines. If you are yearning for the best choice of IPhone 5 with incredible price, connect with this site and you would surely love their offers. 

At, they have a sensitive understanding that iPhone 5 is still in demand for lots of Apple phone aficionados like you. Whether you are looking for new or used iPhone 5, the site offers wide range of products that you can never have from any other Buy and sell website Philippines. Many online shoppers have made the right choice, why won’t you?

One of the best things about buying iPhone 5 from is that it only takes few clicks. Actually, one of the reasons why there are some online shoppers who hate to buy products from online is that it takes so much time and hassle when it comes to purchasing.  But don’t you worry because you are spared from such problem when you make the right choice to buy iPhone 5 from a trusted free buy and sell website Philippines like

Here’ why you should buy IPhone 5 from a reputed Classified Ads Website Philippines like

Quality products

At, they make sure that all their cell phones are in great condition. In fact, they buy used phones that still have the same quality with those of new makes and models. Just check out their Post Free Ads Philippines online and you would see plenty of iPhone that are offered in different price points.

Fast service

When you buy iPhone 5 from Online Classified Ads Philippines, your product order will be immediately received by the staff in order to get started with the transaction easily.  If you hate strict rules and hefty paid ads from the bottom of your souls, buy iPhone 5 from now.

Reliable online portal

Every customer only gets the best deal from Each iPhone 5 that offer comes with complete details and descriptions in order to help you come up with a better informed decision. This website never let their customers down when it comes to buying the best iPhone 5 phones.

Wide range of offers is also chosen by many online customers because they offer lots of phones. Whether you need corded or wireless phone, they’ve got it all for you. Plus, promos are waiting.

So what are you waiting for? If you are on your search for high quality iPhone 5 with streamlined price, pay a visit to and get the best deals in just few clicks.

Cyrel Nicolas

Where to Buy Home Furniture in Manila?

3 min read

Did you know that Manila don’t just cradle different historical landmarks and institutions, but it is also the place where you could buy home furniture ranging from cheap to expensive? Believe it or not,   you could find here wide selection of furniture, which will fit perfectly your preferences on home designing. Manila serves as the capital city of the Pearl of the Orient. Undoubtedly, you could find whatever you need here particularly if you are shopping for your newly built homes.  Visiting Manila could give you an assurance that you can found furniture at a very reasonable price as if you are shopping online in a buy and sell website.  

If you have to buy something for your home or apartment, you should check first Paco, Manila since many department store on Metro Manila are  getting their products  right from the furniture stores you can found in that place.   Don’t be afraid if you don’t know about the directions. You can search in Google Map through your iPhone any establishment so you can never be lost in this place. Well, let’s be thankful to our dear technology.  

Paco, Manila 

The stores in Paco, Manila offers cheap piece of furniture   but they are proven to be durable and long lasting. They are basically made from excellent materials which came from the different provinces of Philippines prominent on providing top quality and world class furniture just like what you can found in In fact, these places are already featured on some international TV shows.   Five star hotels from their local and international are also using their furniture.

Soler Street

You can found this one  near the LRT station right on the Doroteo Jose   as well as Recto, Soler Street boast its affordable ceramics, lights and even metal works  necessary for your home. It also features faucets, toilet bowls, lamps, sliding doors, artisan lights and many more.  Most of the products are being imported from China.  You could also enjoy the parking space but make sure that you bring extra patience with you since it is limited.

Dapitan Arcade

If you want to be stylish yet don’t want to spend too much for your home decoration,  then go to Dapitan Streer  Corner of Mayon Street.    You can found here the usual flea market on native huts along the sidewalks and store quarters.    They offer chairs and tables and overrun decors that are being exported since they are typically made from woods, resins, alloys and native materials.

Usually, you can  buy Asian motif here however, these will  still vary from religious design, ancient down to European-inspired art. You can also avail some accessories and jewelleries.

Quiapo Ilalim

Do you opt for native goods?  Manila also got them. The market that you can see near Quezon Bridge must be the place you need to go.  Most of the vendors here are too enthusiastic and friendly. They trade handicrafts which are made exclusively by Filipinos out of Capiz shells, kamagong, bamboo and many more.

See?  Despite of the traffic in the Manila lies its hidden treasures.    But if you don’t have the luxury of time, you could also shop for your home furniture at It is one of the leading buy and sell website in the Philippines now.


Cyrel Nicolas

Best tablet of 2015: My Top 10 Rankings

4 min read

During the introduction of tablet in the market, everyone is been expecting that it could be the next big stuff, that will eventually replace our hunger for PC. It invaded the market equipped with multimedia devices, which have additional features just like what smartphones had such as ability on managing things from multitasking to games. There are several tablets also which could offer stylus support for annotations, note taking and even sketching.

Thus, this evolution caused confusion to customer on what kind of tablet they should purchase on a buy and sell website, which will suit their lifestyle and preference. Therefore, to end your confusion, I personally compared, research and compiled the top ten best tablets for this year.


1. Apple iPad Air 2

This 2015, nothing is more beautiful, faster and sleeker than the mighty Apple iPad Air 2. It takes pride on its Retina Display which is thinner of approximately 18% than its predecessor.  This is also being loaded with quicker A8x chip that can deliver amazing graphics for games and video editing apps. Its 8-MP iSight camera is packed with complete slow motion type of video recording feature.

2. Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

If you want a lightweight tablet, then Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet can rock your world.  Its thickness is around 7.6mm and its weight is about 389g.  Also, it also comes with a skinny and pretty keyboard just like other tablet.  Marvellous would be the perfect word to describe this tablet.


3. Apple iPad Mini ( Retina Display)

It was known that the very first iPad Mini is really impressive. After that, Apple was inspired to create iPad Air 2. Its phenomenal design attracted so many users.  Its vibrant, crisp and bright retina display is excellent. No doubt, that it remains its ranks as one of the best tablets.


4. Tecso Hudl 2

For some, specifications doesn’t matter most, it is the price that melts their heart. For the cheapest yet top tablet in the market, Tecso Hudl 2 never fails to get its top position. It has pretty specs that are worth buying for. Excellent speakers and screen making is good enough for casual gaming as well as movies.


5. Asus Transformer Book T100

It is not just mere tablet or even laptop. It is a hybrid of two in-demand devices nowadays. Compared on its competitor that is providing keyboard cover, the build of this tablet is solid, tidy and quick to undock or dock. Its trackpad is also responsive and best for your typing task/job.


6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 brings back the design of the Galaxy S5 design having perforated plastic back available on Dazzling White and Titanium Bronze. It is more convenient also to hold on since it is 6.6mm thin and lightweight.

7. Nexus 9

This tablet is a little bit weird. It replaced Nexus 7 and 10.  You can afford this product at any buy and sell website in the Philippines at a very affordable price.

8. Nvidia Shield Tablet

Can you consider yourself a gamer?   Most probably, you’ve been searching for tablet with the best gaming performance. Here, Shield Tablet is a great choice for you. You will enjoy playing your arcade game here since its gaming core is in its maximum level. 

9. Microsoft Surface 3

If you are going to compare it with Surface Pro 3, this is much smaller and less powerful. But then, it could still give the best worth you can have for your budget.

10.  Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

Nerdy people will surely love this. It is one of the newest developments of Sony which measures 8 inches. 

Cyrel Nicolas

Makati is the Best Buy and Sell Place-- Here's Why?

3 min read

Makati, which is one of the major cities of Metro Manila, grabs the spotlight for being the financial center of Philippines.  You can find many corporations and companies here, both local and multinational ranging from department stores, international and major banks and even foreign embassies.

On that note, there’s no wonder that Makati also offers an enticing stage for anyone who plans to enter buy and sell business. Knowing that it is one of the most densely populated with more than 500, 000 residents in the Philippines, it could mean that it is a good virtual marketplace both for sellers and buyers. Right now, this city caters over 60,000 establishments which includes more than 4,000 as well as finance-related businesses. Also, almost 31% of IT building within Metro Manila is situated on Makati.

Still not convinced, why Makati is the best buy and sell place? Here are some more proofs for you:

The rates here are competitive

If you are looking for luxury condos with three bedrooms, Makati can give you competitive and irresistible offer. Moreover,  if you are going to compare it from the rest of  Southeast Asia countries, no doubt that Philippines provides affordable yet excellent items—which is a good thing.

Neighborhoods keeps on evolving

Apart from profit opportunities and  competitive prices, another question you have to ponder is that “Am I going to be happy living here?”.  It is particularly true when you buy and sell real estate properties such as house and lot. In Makati, the answer will be always YES. Just take a look on the traffic positively.  That is only an indication that businesses here such as buy and sell is  at its best and at the same time  commercial growth keeps on booming.  Most people now prefers to live  in condos because it is much cost efficient and let them live conveniently on the center of civilization.

It cradles international and foreign institutions 

Makati is proud to say that it serves as home for 35 consulates and 54 embassies. It already have developed support institutions exclusive for foreign transient. Additionally, it is also accommodating international organizations such as UNDP, WHO,IFC, UNICEF and many more.   Having these institution in Makati,  it simply tells fab the city is. It is internationally recognized. 

It has Second-to-none Infrastructures

With the help of the advanced and latest multi-modal infrastructure for infrastructure, it made Makati as the most centralized and developed city not just on the entire Manila but as well as all throughout NCR. It because there are different forms of  transportation like buses, jeepneys and  even MRT or Metro Rail Transit linking this techno-savvy on  the entire Metro Manila area , providing convenience and accessibility for everyone. These two factors are important when it comes on buy and sell. It could also increase your sales in your online shop if you are engaged with certain buy and sell website.

And the list goes on. These are just few reasons why you need to start building your own business on a buy and sell website in the Philippines. It might be the start of your new profitable online business in Makati.

Cyrel Nicolas

Where Should I Sell My Unused or Extra Iphone?

3 min read

Since every now and then, sleeker and slimmer version of smartphones and other mobile devices are being launched in the market; people are freaking out finding ways how they could eliminate their old stuffs. But this is not the case for other people. Most likely, I and my other friends are looking for ways so we can get rid of our extra or unused phones.   

Yes, you are right. I am just one of them who are finding of purchasing new gadgets on the different buy and sell websites.   Every time I buy one then unbox the phones, it really thrills and excites me.  I feel I need to discover and be able to figure out its controls and specifications.

However, that also vanishes after sometimes. Maybe because its operating system is not as quick as the new version or maybe I don’t just like using it anymore. One day, I came up with a question on mind on what I am going to do with these extra phones in my drawer. Well, the various buy and sell websites in the Philippines can help you with that and bring in some cash in return:

When it  comes selling items at auction, pay listing as well final value fees, is decent site.  I, myself already experienced how fabulous it is to sell here. But be careful against scammers. is just new on online world yet the domain already established a good reputation.    You could sell here your unused iPhones, smartphones, gadgets and even jewelries and other unused stuffs.    Here you could get quotes on this free buy and sell website in the Philippines on the amount you could get for extra phone and then get the payment in just a matter of time. I strongly recommend this site for their reliability and good customer service.

Maybe you already heard things about this site.  This decent websites lets anyone sell their items conveniently and quickly. I enjoy using it since it is all just for free.   Here you could find many varieties of items you may sell.

Looking for comprehensive sites? Don’t look any farther can provide you that. When I utilized their site, I was amazed by their “No Ad Approval Process”. Definitely, it adds easiness on the sellers’ parts since they don’t need to worry whether their ads have passed or disqualified.

These are some sites that I’ve encountered with my techy life. You should not wait for you unused phones to collect bunch of dust in your closet.  Make them useful once again. Hand on another wanna-be owner.  By that, you are not just helping yourself in earning some cash but you are also helping other individual save money too. Isn’t it amazing?

However, bear in mind that you need to be careful all the time when you are dealing with these buy and sell sites, be it phones, cars, watches and other items.

Cyrel Nicolas

Philippines Classified Ads - Know the Top 10

4 min read

According to the recent reports, almost 90% of Filipino consumers love to shop online. Undeniably, Filipinos have totally embraced the convenience and good deals they could find on the different buy and sell websites in the Philippines.   For you information, here are the top 10 classified ads which heightens the addiction of Filipinos with online shopping:


 Currently, it has changed into   This is  a Filipino owned and operated marketplace which is offering  local storefront and business to buy and sell their product as well as services. It is the best-recommended site if you are looking for houses which is for sale around Philippines. What set this apart from other classified sites is its competitive SEO value. Once you search something you would like to buy, most likely, you could find on the first page of SERP.

2. is one of the newest yet excellent buy and sell websites on promoting your stuffs.  With it, you could sell your items or products for free.    You could also enjoy browsing here no matter what you are looking for such as condominiums, cars, gadgets and many more. In terms of convenience and high quality of customer service, nailed it. 


Meanwhile, that is offering premium and free ad listing.  It greatly help everyone get the best out of every post. The site itself also provide the chance to access  on the most recent deals, random deals and top deals  every Filipinos would definitely love.


This online auction that is being recognized worldwide is also available here in the Philippines.   Now wonder that it is included on the list of classified elites because of its reputation among its users.   Unlike other free buy and sell websites, it has feedback feature which let both buyers and sellers be aware of  their feedback points, making shopping more pleasant than ever.

5. set another buzz among classified ads in the Philippines.  It introduces new way of haggling and meet-ups for buyers and sellers along with its amazing features.  It is scam proof. It takes pride on its high security since it make sure that every stores are verified by the DTI. Also, delivery of each item could be tracked wherever you are anytime by means of Air 21. No worries at all.

6. PwedeYan

It is quite similar with OLX. Its sites are easy to navigate and properly categorized. It also responds quickly as soon as you inquire on their customer support. Well, it is just one of the cools sites we need to look after these coming years. 

7. JuanTambayan

Are looking for some site where you could post unlimited? JuanTambayan is the perfect site for you. The site has user-friendly interface. You could also repost your ads here. Compare to other classified sites, it has better quantity of traffic and cheaper premium listings.


This is considered as free classified ads site that offers integrated SMS feature, search-based ad relevancy and so on. Currently, the site already installed feature which is known as Verified Seller Badge, helping sellers improve their reliability and credibility as legal online sellers. 


For small and medium businesses, eguide would be the best to pick since it aids on giving free space and already have proven name when it comes on the diligence on the management of listings within their site. It removes any malicious listings and monitor the site regularly.


If you are looking for excellent personal marketplace, could give you the things you needed. They are providing free ad listings of wide variety of categories. This site  do ban spams and scams accounts which is containing  several keywords. This is for the improvement of shopping experience of everyone.

These are few of the best buy and sell website here in the Philippines.  Open now you PC and start shopping while sipping your coffee at home. 

Cyrel Nicolas

Things to Consider Before Buying a Second Hand Car Online

3 min read

Are you planning to buy a second hand car online? There are several great reasons why buying online is definitely the right thing to do. This may sound easy as ABCs, however, there are things that you have to consider. Read on this article for you to determine the things that you have to consider before you buy online.

Buying a second hand vehicle is a good decision in case you don’t have enough money to buy a brand new one. This is an ideal alternative that you can definitely choose for you to have a car that you can use as you go to work and back at home. Car is a necessity as it can serve different purposes such as your service for work. Knowing the factors that you have to consider before you make a deal with the seller is very important to make sure that you will not encounter any problem in the future.



The budget is very imperative. Before you look for a second-hand car, be sure to set your budget first. The price of the second-hand car may depend according to their brand and model, so you have to know your budget first before you look for a second hand car online.

Check the Merchandise

There are several sellers out there who post second-hand cars for sale online. This is where you will get the right information about the vehicle including the model, year made, brand as well as its specifications. You will surely see attractive photos of these cars online. On the other hand, do not just rely on pictures. If you really want to buy the second hand car, it is a must to see it for yourself.

As much as possible, you should select a car dealer that is just within your area. This would be just easy for you to go to the place and check the car any day or any time you want. Check the car if it is really in good condition it would be excellent if you can check for dents, scratches or any problem on the car’s exterior. If the second hand car is full of dents or cuts then you should not consider it as the cost for repair will be higher.

Check the Machine

Even if the second-hand car looks flawless, you have to check if the machine is in good condition. Try to test drive the car. This will give you chance to determine if the car machine is working well. A problematic car engine or machine will surely be a headache In the future. If the engine is working well then you can safely say that it is a great option.


The legalities are important as well, keep in mind that scams are everywhere, check if the car has the right papers. Check if the owner of the car really owns it by checking their registration. You might be transacting with a car dealer that is selling hot cars.

Cyrel Nicolas