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Cyrel Nicolas

iPhone or Samsung: Which is which?

3 min read

Since iPhone already launched its newest model, which is iPhone 6s, many wonders on how it rival company, Samsung will compete for it.  Most likely, when you   scrolling down on a certain buy and sell website, your eyes might even caught by either iPhones or Samsung smartphones.  They are   the two biggest rivalries among smartphone manufacturers right now in the market.

But if we will go back during 2007, it is the iPhone which caused the explosion of smartphone and only Samsung went after it.  Aside from that, most people refer iPhone as a high-end smartphone while Samsung serves only as its alternative.   But let us not jump into conclusion rather we should analyse it deeper. Here are some analysis on which is better when it comes on:

Performance and Build

You might be wondering on which smartphone is better or faster according on their synthetic benchmarks.   But that question is still unknown these days since each iPhone is extraordinary fast, which is also true with any Samsung handset but except for one thing. Samsung is a little bit laggy at times.   However, you will still get what you’ve pay for. And the question on which is one is faster don’t matter at all.  Just pay good for a Samsung or an iPhone and you will definitely get an excellent performance.

Meanwhile, build is another thing. IPhone is really beautiful but if you want something robust, Samsung is much better. With iPhone, you still need to purchase aluminium case, but with Samsung smartphones, they are basically made of plastic. Though this is not as shiny as iPhones, but it could fit perfectly on your pocket better than the latter.

Availability and Variety

It seems that in terms of variety, Samsung grabs the spotlight. Its recent product ranges from 3.5 inches with Fame up to 5.5 inches with Galaxy Note 4. Not to mention that it also offer special kind of device like Galaxy K Zoom. 

On the other hand, though Apple just limits the product range, this doesn’t mean that they are out of the scene. This is mainly because they opt to sell excellent and exclusive high end type of smartphones in the market. It simply implies that user have the assurance that they will receive unforgettable experience once they invest for iPhone. Thus, you can say that Samsung is after the volume and variety while iPhone choose focusing on its high end margin. However, both of them is available on the leading buy and sell websites in the Philippines such as

In addition to this, Samsung smartphones opens up more opportunities on customization and availability while iPhone locked down itself yet provide curated experience.

Final Thoughts

The final verdict still lies on you.  If it is just your first time to buy your smartphone and never ever owned before either a Samsung or iPhone, probably, you are looking for the best brands.  Take note that for cheaper mobile market, choose Samsung. But if you want to go with the latest craze, and then be ready to spend hundreds of dollars for iPhone 6s.