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Cyrel Nicolas

Where Should I Sell My Unused or Extra Iphone?

3 min read

Since every now and then, sleeker and slimmer version of smartphones and other mobile devices are being launched in the market; people are freaking out finding ways how they could eliminate their old stuffs. But this is not the case for other people. Most likely, I and my other friends are looking for ways so we can get rid of our extra or unused phones.   

Yes, you are right. I am just one of them who are finding of purchasing new gadgets on the different buy and sell websites.   Every time I buy one then unbox the phones, it really thrills and excites me.  I feel I need to discover and be able to figure out its controls and specifications.

However, that also vanishes after sometimes. Maybe because its operating system is not as quick as the new version or maybe I don’t just like using it anymore. One day, I came up with a question on mind on what I am going to do with these extra phones in my drawer. Well, the various buy and sell websites in the Philippines can help you with that and bring in some cash in return:

When it  comes selling items at auction, pay listing as well final value fees, is decent site.  I, myself already experienced how fabulous it is to sell here. But be careful against scammers. is just new on online world yet the domain already established a good reputation.    You could sell here your unused iPhones, smartphones, gadgets and even jewelries and other unused stuffs.    Here you could get quotes on this free buy and sell website in the Philippines on the amount you could get for extra phone and then get the payment in just a matter of time. I strongly recommend this site for their reliability and good customer service.

Maybe you already heard things about this site.  This decent websites lets anyone sell their items conveniently and quickly. I enjoy using it since it is all just for free.   Here you could find many varieties of items you may sell.

Looking for comprehensive sites? Don’t look any farther can provide you that. When I utilized their site, I was amazed by their “No Ad Approval Process”. Definitely, it adds easiness on the sellers’ parts since they don’t need to worry whether their ads have passed or disqualified.

These are some sites that I’ve encountered with my techy life. You should not wait for you unused phones to collect bunch of dust in your closet.  Make them useful once again. Hand on another wanna-be owner.  By that, you are not just helping yourself in earning some cash but you are also helping other individual save money too. Isn’t it amazing?

However, bear in mind that you need to be careful all the time when you are dealing with these buy and sell sites, be it phones, cars, watches and other items.